Constitution Summer Camp


July 9-13, 2018

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.

Faith – Hope – Charity


Where:             Finley River Ranch – Christian Retreat Center

1970 Spring Hill Road, Sparta, MO 65753

When:              Monday – Friday, July 9-13, 2018; from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Bring sack lunch; snacks and drinks provided

Who:                Students, 5th – 6th grades; 7th – 8th grades.

Class Group Size:  20 per group

Students, 9th -10th grades;

High School Camp; 20 students

Cost:                $60 per student;

$50 per second student or more per family

What:              Five fun-filled days of historical enactments, teaching,

video presentations, group chats, hands-on learning, and much

more; to teach students about what really  makes the U.S.

Constitution exceptional.

How:                Registration by mail and online:


Contact Information:


The Conservative Americans Club’s Constitution Summer Camp is an opportunity for students to learn about our U.S. Constitution in a fun-filled environment.  Teachers, dressed as  colonial men and women, teach life principles and enduring truths from the biblical worldview that is the foundation of our U.S. Constitution.

A  high school or college age “Governor” is assigned to each class group to oversee student activities and games.   Hands-on learning opportunities and videos reinforce the Founder’s concept that “Only a Virtuous people are capable of freedom.”

Special Presenters from our American history will appear in costume throughout the week to share their experience in the birthing and development of our nation and its new government:  Benjamin Franklin; Preacher, Rev. Thomas Prince; A Military Soldier; A Central Banker; and a current Missouri State Representative to connect the past to the present.

Students can exchange “earnings” for items at our Camp Store; to teach and apply principles of capitalism and free enterprise.

Friday Family Night Potluck at 6:00 p.m. will conclude our camp activities.  The Camp provides hamburgers, hot-dogs, and drinks; families bring side dish or dessert.